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The O Factor

Apr 27, 2019

Ms Tucker joins The O Factor to discuss how post traumatic stress effects everyday people.

Apr 20, 2019

Hassa and Hussa Blake from Focal Point Global joined Oryne for a fascinating discussion.


There are so many good things happening in and around Baltimore.  This one happens to reach another continent.


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Apr 13, 2019

Jessica Crudup joins Oryne on The O Factor to discuss her many creative pursuits.  From fashion to food, she was sprinkled with lots of talent.


So, go tell a friend to listen.

Apr 6, 2019

The Baltimore Brigade's Rory Nixon joins us again here at The O Factor.  Sometimes you don't know where a conversation is going to go but you definitely enjoy it when you get there! 


So go tell a friend to tell a friend...